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Urbanthreads Ghost Baroque Skull Blue, Grey and Black On Point On Juki TL2200 Longarm

I am having a problem here since I broke a needle a few days ago now I can’t seem to figure out why I am skipping stitches. I have checked my tension using my Towa Tension Guage. Cleaned and oiled it: Releveled it! Prayed over it, cried, threatened but still UGH! • —– • S U P P L Y L I S T • —– • Towa Tension Guage: UrbanThreads Ghost Baroque Skull.…. UrbanTheads Blustery Snowflake.…. Blue fabric is Brocade from Joann Fabrics. Grey is Ultra Suede from Pacific Fabrics. Black is a corduroy-ish...

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How to Us Silhouette Studio Files in Cricut Design Studio with Illustrator

In this video, I show you how to take you Silhouette Studio files that end with .studio and turn them into an SVG file that can be imported into Design Space and cut with your Cricut Explore. Using Adobe Illustrator. I created it as an alternative if you have Adobe Illustrator to Ken Creative’s video doing the same with Inkspace. Kens Kreations: Inkspace is free: This is like the first tutorial I have ever done while recording on the computer. Goodness do I sound monotone (sorry) Adobe Illustrator can be a bit pricey but if you are...

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4D/5D/6D Professional HASP Key Work Around

That HASP key small and worth its weight in gold.  Break it or lose it and you will have to purchase your 4D/5D Professional program again… or at the very least pay some unreal high price to replace the key… which they will only let you do if you break it and if you can return the broken key to them.  This being the case I would like to never ever ever move this little itty bitty piece of gold not even around my own house… Hell I cant find my car keys half the time… can you image...

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Antique Sock Knitting Machines

Socks in a rainbow of colors adorn every fashion conscious person’s wardrobe. Babies can’t do without a pair or two of cutely knit socks. In fact, pet owners love to pamper their poodles and other pets with chic and decorative knit socks. Sock knitting is meticulously practiced the world over. Such immense love among all has led to the advent of numerous sock knitting machines. In the 19th century, virtually every nation held a patent for a sock knitting machine. Several nations manufactured circular sock knitting machines which were a rage in those times. Canadian, Dutch, Scottish and English...

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Beading your Cross Stitch Embroidery Projects

One of the most interesting ways you can embellish your embroidery projects is by adding beads onto your stitches. Adding beads brings a three-dimensional look to your needlework and adds a unique form of beauty and visual interest. With todayís popularity of beadwork and jewelry making, there are some amazing beads available for you to purchase and add to your embroidery projects. You can purchase beads at your local drugstore, craft stores, fabric stores and even bead specialty shops. Bead shops can be found both online and through mail-order catalogs. Beads today come in an amazing variety of shapes,...

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